The New Mexico Baptist Foundation assists clients with estate planning that include will and trust preparation, power(s) of attorney, advance directives/living wills, and charitable giving solutions. Additionally, we can assist with the administration of an estate plan. Creating a Christian legacy is more than just planning, it includes the concept of Biblical stewardship. Stewardship, by definition, is managing assets that are entrusted to you. This responsibility is the very nature of the New Mexico Baptist Foundation’s trust services.

Serving as Trustee

The New Mexico Baptist Foundation serves as trustee for a variety of trusts, including revocable living trusts, charitable trusts, and educational trusts. Serving as trustee, the Foundation manages the investment activities, makes appropriate distributions, and performs other administrative matters as directed by the governing trust document.

Acting as Personal Representative

The New Mexico Baptist Foundation, acting through its President, can serve as personal representative (executor) of a decedent’s estate. While serving in this capacity, the Foundation will perform the following:

  • Identify, gather, and mange all assets owned by the decedent at the time of his/her death
  • Pay debts and final expenses of the decedent
  • Report to the probate court
  • Distribute assets to heirs and charitable beneficiaries as directed by the decedents will
Acting as Agent

When an individual creates a Power of Attorney, Advance Directive, or Living Will they name someone to act on their behalf under the circumstances detailed in the document. The person named is the agent or attorney-in-fact. The New Mexico Baptist Foundation can serve clients in this capacity.

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